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I always wanted to have long hair, rich and wavy. The long side I have succeeded, but it seems rich and wavy not too, so when the extensions and wigs started to appear I saw a solution in my problem. If I choose between an African wig and extensions I think I do not know that I would choose -Oh, both I like and have a certain kind of extraordinary. In the choice you make, the most important thing is why you want to wear a wig. As many hair stylists explain, there are women who simply want to have long hair at a party or haircut that they would not dare to use in their everyday lives. In this case, a BestHairBuy synthetic wigs is indicated to be cheaper. But if we choose this option we have to keep in mind that a synthetic wig can not be washed with shampoo, dry or hair styling.

Synthetic wraps or extensions are no longer just a must, but also a fad. It is more and more common for people to change their look very often, but they seem long and straight, but seem short and curly, but all this would not be possible if they did not use synthetic wigs or BestHairBuy hair extensions. The clip extensions can last up to 2-3 years, they are made of artificial hairs and they are very easy to catch at the root of the hair with a kind of hook. They take very little time until they are applied and can even be put by the one who will wear them, without the need for the help of a specialist. They can not be applied, however, very much, because the pencils would begin to see.

I could not help but make a top 3 with the finest wigs, my favorites being by far the African American wigs. It has not been difficult for me to choose three gorgeous wigs that have caught my attention at first glance. My top is made up of 3 different types, long and curly, short and wavy, and the last long and straight. I would like them all to change my look with ease and without too much expense.

1. The first choice is a long and curly hair wig.

2.The second choice is short and lightly curled at the tips.

3.The third choice is long and straight.

I have spent hours hours admiring dozens of synthetic wigs and extensions, I have just managed to get out of the wonderful landscape. The BestHairBuy online store is the coolest store of wigs and extensions I have seen so far.I also made a top 3 of what I would like from them.

What do you think of my choices?

If you were to choose a synthetic wig you would choose and why?

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