False pregnancy symptoms: What should you know?

Have you ever felt like you are pregnant only to realize there was no pregnancy? Probably you have experienced this. The feeling that you are pregnant is as a result of pregnancy symptoms. The symptoms can be real stress especially if you long to have a child. That is why it is necessary to know more about pregnancy symptoms. We did some research and here are some of the things you need to know.

What causes false pregnancy symptoms?

Just as the name suggests, they are pregnancy symptoms the only difference is that they are false. They are similar to the genuine symptoms that you experience when you are pregnant. You may experience a few or all the symptoms. Some people believe that a false pregnancy means the woman has mental health.

While this can be true in some situations, a few women with this disorder are regarded as psychotic. Hormonal imbalance is known to trigger these false symptoms. The hormonal imbalance in the body can be a result of toxins or lifestyle factors. Stress and anxiety are some of the common causes of false pregnancy signs. The more worried stressed, or anxious a woman is, the more it will affect her hormone levels. Anxiety can be associated with the fear of childbirth, motherhood, or pregnancy. This can also be as a result of you having a deep desire to have a baby. Here are some of the false signs that will make you believe you are pregnant.

  • Missed period: It is a common sign of pregnancy, but it can also mislead you. For most women, a missed menstrual period means she is expectant. But this can be caused by other factors.
  • Fatigue: While fatigue is common during the first trimester, it is not at all times caused by pregnancy. Lifestyle factors like lack of sleep, some drugs, and eating habits can trigger fatigue. Like it is with a missed period, it is hard to say you are pregnant without a doctor’s confirmation.
  • Moodiness: Pregnant women are known to have varying moods. You may find yourself feeling emotionally uncontrollable. Though this is a sign of pregnancy, other things contribute to your mood swings such as depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • Nausea: About 50% to 90% of pregnant women experience morning sickness. However, feeling queasy is not confirmation you are pregnant. Vomiting can be as a result of viral infection, medications or intense stress. Nearly everything can trigger nausea.
  • Stomach pains: Women who experience stomach pains during pregnancy but it can be hard to determine the cause.

While it is women who experience such symptoms, it is also likely for men to have some form of false pregnancy. They may experience symptoms such as gaining weight, nausea, and back pain.

Bottom line
Although all ladies of all ages can experience these false symptoms, some are more in danger than others. That is the reason you should always seek a pregnancy confirmation from your doctor. In case you have a family member who experiences false expectant symptoms, ensure you support her wholeheartedly.

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